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The Destructive Influence of the CINOP - 4

The Destructive Influence of the CINOP within the Catholic Church # 4 of 23
Report Card #4 on Bill’s Press’s Book – 12-4-05
How the Republicans Stole Christmas
Preface: After prayer, truth is our most powerful weapon. The second largest religious group in America are our fellow Catholics who tragically have not been grounded in their Faith. As Catholics we are duty bound to protect and inform them. The Role Model for this group is the Catholic-in-name-only politician (CINOP). This person is anathema not only to our Catholic Faith and the pro-life movement but also to America. He is screwed up not only religiously but politically. And in 2008, he needs to be voted out of office. Ghk: Sun. Oct. 21/07

The Introduction
Bill, stop being a crybaby and a victim. You are angry with Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput because he would refuse to give you communion at Mass. If you are a CINOP, a Catholic in Name Only Politician what do expect from any good bishop? He is following Cannon Law. A person who is pro-abortion, pro-partial birth abortion – infanticide, for gay marriage etc. is betraying his Catholic faith in the public arena. These activities are serious absolute evils and scandalous. It is time to invoke the principles: Silent No More, Stop the Scandal and Be Not Afraid.

Bill, what you are doing is lashing out against the Catholic Church. You are dealing with an institution that has been around a long time. One would expect a regular informed Catholic to have access to the wisdom of the ages, the common sense of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, natural law and the relentless pursuit of the truth, the whole truth not half-truths.

Please check out the following church documents, as Pope John Paul II stated, we are all really responsible for all. Does what you say meet this challenge? 1) The Gospel of Life – 1995 2) The Splendor of Truth – 1993 3) Centesimus Annus – 1991 4) Solicitude Rei Socialis (Social Themes) – 1987
5) Laborem Exercens - 1981.

Bill, you are also very angry with President George W. Bush. Besides being a Republican, he is not the kind of Christian you want him to be, like yourself and fellow CINOP, Paul Begala, Co-host, CNN – THE SITUATION ROOM. Here is Paul’s quote from the jacket of your book. God bless Bill Press. This former seminarian former Democratic Party chair has the courage, theological training , and moral clarity needed to point out both the deep spiritual values of the left and the hypocrisy of some on the far right. Hallelujah, Brother Bill. The media and secular humanist just love and promote the above type Catholics.

Bill does not like the Christian Coalition. He believes that they are responsible for the election of President George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. He has given no credit specifically to the Catholic Pro-Life Movement. There is a tape by Pat Robertson dated around 1990 in which he talks about the goals of the Christian Coalition. Their goals will be elaborated upon in future dispatches.

In closing, respect for the Office of the Presidency is important by the losers and the winners. There is a significant quote by President Bush. “The greatest gift you can give anybody is to pray on their behalf.” Also, I note in this year’s presidential Christmas card the following: Psalm 28:7 (RSV)

The Lord is my strength and my shield, In Him My Heart Trusts; So I am helped, and my heart exults, And with my song I give thanks to Him
George H. Kubeck, Dec. 4, 2005, (Posted on cinops be gone, Sun, Nov. 30, 2008)

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