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The following is an article of praise by Peter Dreier, Obama Would Bring Out the Best in Us, Forward, October 31, 2008. Your decide:

By experience track record, temperament, values and vision, Barack Obama is that man. He has the potential to be one of a handful of great presidents – like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt – who turns a serious crisis into an opportunity to move the country in a new and positive direction….

Powell called Obama a “transformational figure” who has “displayed a steadiness, an intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge.”… We want government to do more to protect the environment, consumer and workers….
After graduating from Columbia, he chose to work as a community organizer on the streets of Chicago for $13,000 a year, helping ordinary people meet extraordinary challenges, a period during which he discovered his vocation. Graduating from Harvard Law School – where he served as the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review – he rejected numerous lucrative offers in order to live as life of public service, improving society from the bottom up as a civil rights lawyer, law professor, state legislator and U.S. senator….

Obama is committed to making government more accountable to ordinary people…. To fulfill our nation’s potential; we must be active citizens, not passive bystanders…. His economic policies would create millions of new jobs, including “green” jobs that save energy, protect the environment and break out addiction to foreign oil. His domestic agenda would provide affordable health care for all, reduce the cost of prescription drugs and protect Social Security from the Republicans’ risky privatization schemes. He would protect families from foreclosures and expand housing choices at all income levels. He would strengthen workers’ rights on the job. A consistent supporter of protecting a woman’s right to choose, his appointments to the Supreme Court will restore balance from the increasing rightward turn that not only jeopardizes abortion rights but also civil liberties and civil rights.

Obama offers a sharp change in direction from the morally irresponsible and disastrously incompetent policies of the Bush administration…. Obama understands that it won’t be easy to reform health care, strengthen labor laws, tackle global warming, restore job security, regulate banks to make them more consumer friendly, improving the living for the middle class, lift millions of working families out of poverty, and require the very wealthy and big business to act responsibly and pay their fair share of taxes. Like FDR and other great presidents, his success will depend on working with congressional allies to enact a progressive policy agenda. …

P.S. I hope Obama can communicate to his supporters: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country! The 50 million American families have about 17 thousand dollars in credit charges and will pay them off.

George H. Kubeck,

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