Sunday, September 12, 2010

Attention: American Citizens from Mexico

Attention: American Citizens from Mexico

As a Canadian born U.S. naturalized citizen, I have some upsetting news to share with you. Check out LIFESITENEWS.COM. There is information that you may want to think about before you fill out your absentee ballot in the 47th Congressional District. Loretta Sanchez is your Congress Representative. Contact relatives in Mexico. About 60% of the vote in the 47th is absentee ballot.

News Item # 1:

Mexico City, August 10, 2010 ( In the face of the “aberrant” Supreme Court decision declaring constitutional the “immoral legal reform that permits unions between people of the same sex” the Church “cannot cease to call evil, evil,” declared Mexico City’s Cardinal Archbishop Norberto Rivera during Sunday mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

“What proponents of the law “abusively” call “marriages” are in reality nothing more than evil, de facto unions, according to Rivera.

“Such immoral activity can never be the equivalent of the sexual expression of conjugal love, because it endangers the dignity and rights of the family that constitute the common good of the society,”

Following the declaration, which was read by a married couple during the mass, the Cardinal’s Sunday message was issued, denouncing homosexual “marriage” legislation as an attack on the family that trivializes it “as if it were the perverse intention of obscure interest to destroy it and with it the country, injured by violence and social decomposition, to its ruin.” Rivera said.

News Item # 2:

Mexico City, Aug. 10, 20010 ( “The Supreme Court of Mexico has decided that all Mexican states (31) must accept the validity of homosexual ‘marriages’ contracted in Mexico City, where such marriages were legalized in December of last year…

“The court voted 9-2 to require the states to accept gay ‘marriage’ based on the constitution’s article 121, which states that in “each state of the federation complete faith and credit will be given to the public acts, registrations, and juridical procedures of all the others.”… The laws of a state will only have effect in its own territory, and therefore, cannot be obligatory outside of it.”

Nonetheless, the Court ruled that Mexico City’s application of its marriage law to homosexuals will indeed bind the rest of the 31 states.”
In a previous ruling, the court allowed legislation permitting and even financing the killing of unborn children for any reason whatsoever during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy…

George H. Kubeck, In pursuit of the truth - www.cinopsbegone – Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 P.S. Voters need to be informed that Loretta Sanchez supports same-sex marriage and voted for it in Congress. She also voted for partial-birth abortions three times. She and her staff proclaim that she is for family, marriage and the unborn, but they lie to you.

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