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The Repeal of N.Y.'s Same-Sex Marriage Law

The Repeal of N.Y.’s Same-Sex Marriage Law
In pursuit of the truth – – Saturday, July 9, 2011

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“The family is the foundation of a society, the “domestic church” where we learn to be good citizens and disciples of love. Our public institutions have a responsibility to protect, affirm and encourage families and traditional institutions of marriage.”

On the Archdiocese of New York website, archbishop Timothy Dolan blogs: “For us in the Church not much changes. We continue to hold fast to the God-definition of marriage and acknowledge that no unfortunate legislative attempt can alter reality and morality…”

It’s a Wakeup Call! It’s a re-education for bishops and the staff at USCCB. For New York, it will take 4 years. The same thing should be done in Massachusetts. There is no other choice if you are a Shepherd or a practicing Catholic. Gay marriage has serious consequences. For California an ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure. Vote out of office Catholic-in-name-only politicians.

The interview by Raymond Arroyo with Thomas Peters was enlightening. Thomas has the above American papist blog. His father is cannon lawyer Dr. Edward Peters of Detroit’s Sacred Heart Major Seminary and he has renewed his call for the state’s bishops to deny Communion to Catholic Governor Andrew Cuomo, due to his persistent campaign for same-sex “marriage,” in addition to his public cohabitation with girlfriend Sandra Lee, a host on the Food Network.

Also, upon ministers of Holy Communion to withhold that august sacrament from “those obstinately preserving in manifest grave sin” per Canon 915. It also warrants a canonical investigation under Canon 1717, which applies a “just penalty” to those who “in a public show or speech, published writings, or in other uses of the instruments of social communication … gravely injure[d] good morals.

Bishop DiMarzio insisted that political leaders “do not believe their own rhetoric.” “If they did, how in good conscience could they carve out any exemption for institutions that would be proponents of bigotry and prejudice?” he added. [Also, the vote in the Senate for passage was one of corruption.]

We have our own mess in California! ----SB 48 requires bringing the sexuality of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people to the attention of students K-12 in social studies classes. Even the L.A. Times opposes this hogwash.

Archbishop Jose Gomez of L.A. “The family is God’s first beautiful gift to us. Because each one of us came into this world as the fruit of a mother and a father’s love… [SB 48] is also another example of the government interfering with the parents’ rights to be their children’s primary educators.” Telephone CINOP Gov. Jerry Brown to veto this bill. 916-445-2841.

Lastly, about a month ago I signed up to view Michael Voris’s [Ten dollars monthly] He is a kind of Blessed John Paul II laity person. He will be speaking at 6:45 P.M. Wed.,July 20th at Farmers and Merchants Bank, 12535 Seal Beach Blvd. Seal Beach, Ca. Topic CCHD/Alinsky.

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