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Report Card # 14 on Bill Press's Book

Report Card # 14 on Bill Press’s Book
How the Republicans Stole Christmas

(Posted on this blog – Sun. July 17, 2011) Sun., Nov. 18, 2007 --Feb. 25, 2006

Chapter 2 – Killing in the Name of Jesus - cont’d

It takes time to digest in the stomach of our minds the tragedy of pseudo-Catholics politicians in the political arena not only in Europe but in this hemisphere. For example, there is Fidel Castro in Cuba, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and of course the CINOP in the Americas.

The most powerful weapon against the culture of death advocates is the truth. The reader will recognize lies. I hate a raw deal. Justice is truth in action. These misguided advocates of the culture of death need to be exposed. They are: Planned Parenthood and their supporters, the ACLU and their crowd, and the CINOPS, (Catholics in Name Only Politicians) who are as dangerous as any of the others in America.

Let’s increase Bill Press’s aggravation with a tape recorded about 1990, how
To Turn America Back to God, Christian Coalition, Box 1990, Chesapeake, VA 23327.

•This meeting is a meeting of destiny. We are living in an extraordinary time of history…. The greatest thing we can do for people is to give them opportunity, your right to have an open door in America and go as high as you want to….The best solution to welfare is a job and not a hand-out….

•This is a time when communism is failing and its sister is failing along with it and which is called humanism, secular humanism is falling apart because exhibit A is the failed monstrosity of the command society of Russia and when that came down so did the so-called elites of the United States. They just haven’t learned it yet. As someone said nobody anywhere in the world no longer believes in Marxism except professors in the U.S. universities caught in the 60’s time zone and it’s time to get them out of their jobs of teaching….

•This going to be the decade of the spirit, of spiritual values….

•We are hearing noises about a new world order. We are hearing that the U.N. which for 25 years was a silly joke suddenly is going to rule the world and those we were to cede the sovereignty of America to this organization that voted against our interest 85% of the time from its conception to the Gulf War….

•Regrettably, there is a movement coming from the East. A New Age type religion which is going to be challenging Christianity….

•Christianity has been in retreat for many, many decades under the assault of Liberalism and humanism…. And into that void steps an organization called Christian Coalition. (This is a Pat Robertson’s tape)

In closing, let us focus in on the straw that broke the camel’s back. The straw is the role that the CINOP played in the defeat of California’s Prop. 73 – Parental Notification Measure in Nov. of 2005. It was a defeat for family values and parental rights. This fact needs to be repeated over and over again in Orange County’s 34th State Senate District which I happen to live in.

There will be two CINOPS running in the Democratic primary, Tom Umberg and Lou Correa. In the Republican primary, we have Assemblyman Van Tran and Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher. Van Tran is Catholic, a parental rights and pro-family candidate versus Lynn Daucher, a RINO, supported by Planned Parenthood.

George H. Kubeck, [Posted on CINOP Be Gone, Sat. Jul 17, 2011]

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