Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart: in his Memory and Spirit

Andrew Breitbart: – in his Memory and Spirit
In pursuit of the truth – – Friday, March 2, 2012

Preface: W can change a negative into a positive. If the Santorum or Gingrich supporters can pick up the spirit of Andrew Breitbart, they will win the Republican presidential nomination and the Presidency of the United States.

In Andrew’s Memory: Message from the California Republican Assembly, March 2, 2012

Like most Americans, the CRA Board of Directors, and its entire membership are sad and shocked at the sudden death of our friend and stalwart Conservative warrior Andrew Breitbart. He was so young, such a strong, passionate and true patriot. He accomplished so much in the last three years within the conservative movement. He was able to raise the conscience of millions of Americans with his great and accurate investigating reports.

I had the honor of knowing Andrew and getting a hug every time I saw him. Last year, at the Annual Jewish Republican Coalition Dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, I reminded him that, with his salty curly gray hair and beard, he could replay the part of Moses. He told me there was only one Charleston Heston. Anyway, who could do it and part the Red Sea?

Once again this proves how fragile and limited life can be. May the Lord, rest his soul, keep him by his side and give comfort and peace to his beloved wife Susannah and their four small children. CRA give our deepest condolences to them and their friends for such a tragic loss.

Celeste Greig, President, California Republican Assembly*

•In Andrew’s Spirit: He fought against the institutional left and revolutionized the conservative movement.

•He was a courageous fearless warrior & constantly on the go for the cause of freedom.

•He cut right to the heart of things and made conservatives, hip and cool.

•It was a huge loss for our country but he attracted fighters on the internet and in the public arena. They will carry on his work. Do check it out.

•He showed leftist and liberals in their true colors and read their minds as good as or better than any of the talk show hosts on radio.

•“He had grit, guts and perseverance and pointed out a lot of truth.” Pat Buchanan

•He perceived the Tea Party as a peaceful and law abiding and fought media smears. The place was cleaner after they left any meeting or public gathering.

•He was a patriot par excellence and loved traditional America.

•He perceived and understood the deepest level of hypocrisy and master of disguises in a Bernadine Dornan and a Bill Ayers. The anti-war movement is now the Occupy Movement.

George H. Kubeck - *Anaheim Republican Assembly Meets 3rd Wednesdays of each month at Mimi’s Café – 1240 Euclid Avenue, Anaheim, Calif. – – for more info – 714-527-9313

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