Friday, April 6, 2012

The 25th Anniversary of Life Chain Sunday

The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Life Chain Sunday
In pursuit of the truth - - Good Friday, April 6, 2012

Excerpts from the founder Royce Dunn - and Dear Life Chain Coordinator:
“Let us continue to pray, to brainstorm, to experiment, to test. The Bible speaks of “a new song,” “a new day,” of “fresh oil,” and of God doing “a new thing.”

“At age 73, my continual goal is to see local churches unit city by city and close the nearest abortuary. Francis Schaeffer wrote in his book, “The Great Evangelical Disaster: Every abortion mill should have this sign posted on it” ‘THIS ABORTION MILL IS OPEN BY PERMISSION OF THE LOCAL CHURCH.’”

“Can pro-life learn how to unite and mobilize the local churches in each city? Our small ‘Please Let Me Live’ ministry, with God’s help, closed the six abortion practices in our bi-county area about 20 years ago, but intensive pro-life work within the American church is more difficult today. Still, I continue to experiment, and I encourage you to do so. Pro-life must find a plan through which we can unite the pulpits and pews across America and end the killing, God is surely willing to assist us.

“A New Pro-Life Website for Pastors: The Church Task Force I work with here in California has launched with hope of increasing pastoral involvement. The extensive site covers about 300 different pro-life subject areas, … To determine the subject areas, we conducted a broad survey that included, for example, the index to Jack Wilke’s Abortion: Questions and Answers. We also benefited from the excellent pro-life websites on the internet. I you desire to help refine and strengthen the website, please let me know.

“A valuable, free DVD you may duplicate: features DEAR PASTOR, in which a pregnant teen writes her pastor a probing letter…” “Please register your Chain for Oct. 7th (Canadian will choose another Sunday due to Canada’s Thanksgiving date in 2012), at under “Register You Life Chain” (upper left of your computer screen) … Early registration will not prevent your making necessary changes hereafter…

“In 2011, over 1500 cities and towns held LIFE CHAINS (in over 1700 locations), and each is posted at We are now focusing on NATIONAL LIFE CHAIN SUNDAY 2012 - to be held October 7, Lord willing, from 2 to 3:30 PM…. To include your city in 2012, notify via email National Life Chain or call (530)674-5068 and download (from this web site) a copy of Life Chain Manual and other entries und “Life Chain Materials.”

Thereafter, inform your local pastors of you Life Chain plans as soon as possible, and ask them to schedule your Chain on their church calendar. The easy-to-hold 18” x 22” Life Chain signs are back printed to feature Prayer Topics, Song of Meditation, the Life Chain Code of Conduct, and a compelling statement of the Purpose of Life Chain .. The pro-life signs include: Life - The First Inalienable Right, Pray to End Abortion, Abortion Kills Children, Abortion Hurts Women, Adoption: the Loving Option, Pray to End Abortion, Lord, Forgive us and our Nation, Pregnant? Need Help? 800-395-HELP


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