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Understanding the Obama Election Campaign

Understanding the Obama Election Campaign
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Ref. Wes Vernon - http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/vernon120319 - 3/19/2012

OBAMA’S campaign wages a kind of psychological BRAINWASHING to win your vote:
The Alinksyite tactic is to wait with utmost patience for any one of our allies to do something foolish and ripe for public ridicule or condemnation. The moment that happens, they pounce on every conservative in sight, demanding that he/she distance himself/herself from the perceived (justly or not) offender.

In dealing with liberals always go on the offense.
Karl Marx and Wilhelm F. Hegel paved the way for the Frankfurt School (Germany- California- New York): from there, the toxic gospel reached (often subliminally) the general way of arts-entertainment, education, and other opinion-molding influences -ultimately growing bolder and emerging “in your face” during the sixties as the rationale for such flawed nostrums as radical environmentalism, artistic communism, psychological destruction of opponents, and multiculturalism.

Breitbart gives us the best overall summary of Saul Alinsky. “Alinsky was an avowed communist dedicated to installing communism in America from the inside, using the most clever tactical means he could devise. In “Rules for Radicals,” Alinsky pays tribute to “the very first radical … who won his own kingdom --- Lucifer.”

Alinksy believed that the people “are like happy sheep,” who must first “be made unhappy.” which will lead to passivity, then to discontent, and ultimately to “revolution.” That incrementalism was taught at Antonio Gramsci’s Frankfurt School. Alinsky was Obama‘s mentor. I have not read “Rules for Radicals” Then I can better understand the following rules for community organizers.

Check these techniques in Obama’s campaign:

1.)- Flexibility: Moving from method to method, argument to argument. Work like a guerilla, not a coordinated army.

2.) - Confidence: Weak-willed people never win. Do not shy from a conflict. Besides, “power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.

3.) - Experience: A Good community organizer embraces Rousseau’s “experiential learning” (Rousseau having credited with inspiring the French Revolution.)

4.) - Curiosity and irreverence: Values and morals must be questioned. Nothing is sacred. That is “critical theory” at its most basic political form.

5.) - A sense of humor: It is “almost impossible to defend against it.” That is a characteristic the original Frankfurt School lacked. It seriousness made it “boring.” Besides, Alinsky concluded “ridicule is man most potent weapon. “Basically, what we’re talking about here is John Steward vs. Noam Chomsky.

6.) - “Keep the pressure on.” (No! Really?)

7.) - The mere fact that threats are usually more terrifying than the act itself would support the notion that one should “level threats whenever possible.”

8.) - Find the enemy’s most cherished belief, then exploit it against your target. (Example: Gandhi exploiting British civility.)

Back to what Breitbart saw as “the most important and famous Alinsky’s rules.” Pick the target, freeze it, then polarize it.” … The all-out attack on religious freedom has spread to raging debates over contraception, and the so-called “war on women,” Sean Hannity on Fox News is daily vetting President Obama. Obama’s choice of Czars explains all of the above influence on this man.

George H. Kubeck

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