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Judge James E. Rogan

Judge James E. Rogan
The relentless pursuit of the truth - - Monday, Apr. 23/12

Excerpts from his historic book, “Catching our Flag”- Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment - From the Private Diaries of Congressman Jim Rogan - WND Books - 2011

[Jim spoke about the book at the Cal. Repub. Assembly Convention on April 20th, El Segundo, Calif.]

“Candidly, I didn’t vote to impeach Clinton to police his personal life. Whether he had one affair or a thousand of them was of no moment to me. However, as a former prosecutor and judge, I did care deeply about the precedent his conduct set for future chief executives who might later commit perjury or obstruct justice for reasons weightier than testosterone.

“Had the House failed to impeach Clinton just because of the tawdry subject matter, any future president committing perjury or obstructing justice for far more weighty and destructive motives could point to the Clinton Precedent and claim his conduct was not impeachable.

“ Yes, I know, most of you out there in America hated Clinton’s impeachment, and you hated us for doing it. But take this with you: because we impeached him, today you live in a country where every future president is on notice that perjury and obstruction of justice is a one-way White House eviction notice - as long as future Members of Congress have the spine to stand up to him.

“During Bill Clinton’s impeachment, the typical conventions of political engagement turned upside down. The usual rules did not apply, and because of it, history changed. This is an inside account of what happened behind the scenes in Congress during that fractious battle when right looked wrong, wrong looked right, and indifference looked preferable to either.’

“From the time President Clinton assumed office, he suffered an almost unbroken string of scandals. Through it all, we saw repeated examples of the usual rules not applying:

In the mainstream media, Clinton (the sexual harassment defendant) became the victim, and the victim (Paula Jones) was dubbed “trailer trash”;

Judge Kenneth Starr, the respected former federal judge charged by President Clinton’s own attorney general to investigate these scandals, was branded as the villainous-out-of-control prosecutor prying into the personal lives of others.

Monica Lewinsky, the young intern exposed and humiliated in a sex scandal with Clinton, defended him even after Clinton executed plans to have his associates smear her in the press as a crazed stalker-whore;

When other women came forward with credible claims of Clinton’s sexual misconduct, the well-known national “women’s groups” fell silent. Later when pressed on the subject, these same groups defended the accused man and ignored the violated women - even after he admitted lying about his behavior;

The more Clinton sullied the dignity of his office, the higher his approval poll numbers climbed.

America demanded to know the truth, and then grew outraged at those who told it;
In a true abandonment of the usual rules, a handful of politicians cherishing reelection as a top priority volunteered to defend and unpopular principle of law in the face of over 70 percent of the voters demanding they not enforce it, and threatening ballot box retribution if they did."

George H. Kubeck,

How do you explain all of the above? I lived through the above and wrote about it. We had and we still have a two-faced, double-standard media. When the journalist is a corrupt educated progressive the pursuit of the truth is automatically replaced with rationalism and ideology. You would not be wrong to call this type of news reporting even today, Pravda/Goebbels!

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