Sunday, October 25, 2009

Choose to Stand with Children

Choose to Stand with Children
In pursuit of the truth – – Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today, there is no more worthy project. The following are excerpts from

Join “Stand with Children”, a project of Bill May, Catholics for the Common Good Institute (CCGI) with a mission to promote the centrality and integrity of marriage for children and society. Join with other people of good will to learn better, positive ways to explain the importance of traditional marriage to children and young adults and to help counter the influence of the culture. Help friends and understand what is at stalk in ways they have never heard before. Participate as we explore and seek to understand our own relationships, and the true meaning of love.

The issue of same-sex “marriage” is just a symptom of something much deeper in society…

a)For almost 40 years, this battle has been waged defensively on terms established by the feminist and gay rights movement resulting in incremental policy changes effecting curricula in schools, and relationships between people. Marriage, family and human sexuality have been slowly redefined to the point where 4 out of 10 children are born out of wedlock and many INTENTIONALLY being deprived of their fathers.

b)Children are powerless to stand up for their interest and depend on adults to advocate for them. It is that common interest that is shared by all that we can verify by our own experience. It is that common desire we all have for a married mother and father – two people from which we originated who are committed to each other and committed to us. It is a human need – a right that must be supported by laws and society in general.

c)Have you ever wondered why we are seeing more and more grown children in our families getting divorces, cohabitating, or having children out of wedlock? Through diversity training programs in schools, marriage is being taught as life-style choice with no relationship to children or family. IN FACT, IT IS INCREASINGLY CONSIDERED DISCRIMINATORY TO ADVOCATE FOR MARRIED MOTHERS AND FATHERS. ..

d)We are seeing the consequences of the 40 year effort to redefine marriage, family and human sexuality. This is such a threat to the dignity of the human person an to society that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has made marriage and family a top priority and has developed a 5 year program to promote them…

e)Look into your heart Do you not have a desire for a married mother and father? Even if you were deprived of one or both. That connection with our origin is natural

f)The family is the first cell of social life – the first school of love, peace and justice… All institutions of society must be judged by how well they support traditional marriage and the family… This is an imperative of social justice.

g)There is a private interest agenda to redefine marriage, family and human sexuality that conflicts with public interest and the common interest of every child.

h)For example, a California law that came into effect in early 2008 introduced viewpoint discrimination in public schools against anyone understanding marriage to be the foundation of the family providing children with a mother and a father …

i)It is time to band together and fight for the integrity of our families and for social justice for children…

In closing, as Pope John Paul said, with “the new state of affairs today … it is not permissible for any to remain idle.

George H. Kubeck, Please help Stand with Children, P.O. Box 320038, San Francisco, Ca. 94132 – Speakers available – Tel. (415) 651- 4171 – Donations are tax-deductible

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