Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Honest Journalism?

Honest Journalism
In pursuit of the truth – – Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What’s going on? Miss California is ridiculed, maligned, and denigrated by the left-wing internet and the public airways. Even her parents are threatened. Why? SHE SUPPORTS MARRIAGE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN!

Furthermore, the politically correct news really doesn’t care. Why? They directly and indirectly support same-sex marriage. I believe Miss California’s stand is a badge of honor for normal Americans. I believe that the politically correct news media is destructive to the nation and in particular to the homosexual oriented person for embracing the radical left-wing political and social agenda of the EXTREME leaders of the homosexual agenda.

One would expect CINOP Republican governor Arnold and his wife CINOP Democrat Maria to speak out and say that these insults of Miss California must stop. Why are both of them silent? Is it because both of them shamefully as Catholic-in-name-only politicians support same-sex marriage? Is this what’s going to happen to anyone who publicly supports traditional marriage?

The only public news media that reported the above and criticized this kind of smear tactics of Miss California was Fox News with Bill O’Reilly. It occurred on his Monday news report where he also called the News Media “corrupt.”

Is honest journalism dead in America? There are many exceptions, but overall, honest journalism is dead. Why? Personal analysis and Hannity thinks so. Those of us who lived during the Cold War which ended around 1989 will know what I am talking about much better. We must educate our younger citizens.

Do you remember the useful idiots, the fellow travelers, the Commie party lovers of the Russian or Chinese communists in our midst? I do! They stood out among us; in particular among the anti-war demonstrators. I don’t think they learned anything from the collapse of Communism in Europe and Eastern Europe during the late 1980s. THEIRS IS NOT THE KIND OF AMERICA WE WANT!

Pravda is the Russian word for truth. Pravda was to the rulers of communist Russia what modern political correctness is to the culture of death agenda in America. Ordinary Russians saw through this propaganda and so do regular Americans. Throughout the country, liberal politically correct newspapers are going bankrupt. The Boston Globe is on the verge. The New York Times borrowed 200 million from a Mexican financier. He gets 17% interest on it yearly.

Even stupid corporations are on the road to self-destruction. I am thinking of Pepsi Cola and Campbell Soup promoting this homosexual, non-American, and radical agenda. McDonald sensibly back out of it months ago.

If it wasn’t for talk-radio, news from the internet, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and other truth seeking sources we would all be indoctrinated by ABC- CBS – NBC - MSNBC, and CNN news. We would all be in the twilight zone ready for a different America stripped of its foundations – our Judeo-Christian heritage -
Our Constitution- and the principles of freedom & ideas of our Founding Fathers.
George H. Kubeck

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