Thursday, January 5, 2012

Report on the Meeting at McDonald's

Report on the Meeting at McDonald’s
In pursuit of the truth – - Thursday, January 5, 2012

My people are destroyed for lack of information. The Catholic vote for the culture of death in 2008 was 53%. It may again be a victory for the culture of death candidates in 2012.

The bad news is we had no one in attendance. The good news is we will have more of the same agenda that you can use on your own across the country or at our next meeting Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012, 9-10AM at McDonald’s Restaurant on Valley View below Ball Rd. in Cypress, California.

On the Agenda!

A.)How can we digest in one letter the information we obtain from the following two letters, and be able to pass it out to the parishioners in the pews?
“Archbishop Gomez and the CINOP” – – Thurs. Dec. 1, 2011
“Overview of Bishop Lori’s Testimony on Religious Liberty” cinops be gone – Thurs. Nov. 3/11

B.)What is the best follow-up to yesterday’s letter on Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor?
“Hilda Solis: Who are you?” – – Wed. Jan. 4, 2012
I think you will agree that the thoughts of Bishop Aquila make a lot of sense. His thoughts will be printed out before the next meeting. What are some ways to follow-up on the message of Bishop Aquila? E-mail me on this matter or any other suggestions in Section A. B. or C.

C.)Judie Brown’s book, The Broken Path. I am concerned that Judie is not really promoting her book. However, I just checked Customer Reviews: The Broken Path- John Weingarten (Spokane, WA United States), Jan. 4, 2012 gave her a 5 star review. Here is his review: We must make it a best seller:

“The Broken Path is an amazing, disturbing, thought provoking, and ultimately uplifting book by one of the true heroes of the pro-life movement. It’s eminently readable and, at least for me, a real page-turner. Once I started reading, I had a hard time putting it down…

If you’re confused about why so many Catholic bishops don’t stand up to courageously defend the most fundamental of life issues the Catholic Church teaches. The Broken Path will set you straight. If you don’t understand how Catholic hospitals could be performed sterilization procedures and offering artificial birth control (both contrary to Catholic teaching and a culture of life), you’ll learn the answer here. If you’re wondering why a Catholic student is likely to be led away from the faith at most “Catholic” universities (and where to turn to find a good one) The Broken Path explains it all.

Finally, my advice is to buy and read this book. Buy extra copies for your favorite priests and your bishop, and, as Judie Brown wisely advises, pray for our priests and bishops.”

I purchased my book from American Life League, P.O. Box 1350, Va. 22555, The book costs $14.95 and the shipping cost was $5.95. Get the Christian book stores to stock it up.

George H. Kubeck, Remember we are not discussing prudential issues upon which all Americans can agree or disagree. The mindset of the CINOP in promoting absolute evils like partial-birth abortion, same-sex marriage etc. is incomprehensible. He is on the same level as persons promoting fornication, adultery and pornography.

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