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Sick Obama Ideas

Sick Obama Ideas
The relentless pursuit of the truth – – Epiphany Sun., Jan. 8, 2012

There at least seven rotten ideas from just one department of the Obama-Czar-CINOP Regime. Take Health and Human Services led by CINOP Sebelius and her clones in Congress including Nancy Pelosi and Loretta Sanchez. At least two of these ideas will make you cringe or vomit.

1.)*“I believe that policy makers have adopted a philosophy that some authors have called “sexualityism.” Sexualityism is a belief that sex has nothing to do with procreation or even the unity between two people, but only wants to preserve the good of expressing yourself sexually for the pleasure – psychological, physical or otherwise -- it gives you as an individual.”

2.)“In addition to the birth control mandates, I think the clearest expression of the federal government embrace of this ideology is its refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. Think about it! This means that our federal government is affirming sexual expression with no possibility for procreation – in same-sex relationships – as of equal value with sexual expression intrinsically related to procreation.”

3.)“What the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services did was to mandate coverage of contraception, sterilization, and some emergency contraception that can act in abortifacient way, under the rubric of “preventive health care services,” They provided what they called a “conscience clause,” but framed it so narrowly that any religious entity that either serves or employs people of other faiths cannot take advantage of this exception.”

4.)“The federal government, more than ever before, will not abide the slightest dissenting voice on the subject of human sexuality. They have put their vision of the human person directly in conflict with religious freedom.”

5.) “Despite the fact that religious institutions have been superior providers in education, health care and social services, the federal administration appears to prefer that the government cooperate with, or even allow to exist, only those organizations strictly agreeing with the governments philosophy. As a result, religious institutions could grow smaller and, in some cases, disappear.”

6.)“Yet, we have the highest rates of nonmarital pregnancies and births in our history, and continuing high rates of abortion and sexually transmitted diseases – higher than before the government became so activist on birth control. There remains, however, a tendency for both federal and state governments to continue to propose more birth control as the answer to nearly everything, and the greatest availability of abortion as the answer to everything else.”

7.)“When you separate sex from babies and reduce sex to just another activity, it’s not only the children who are suffering because of the resulting abortions and unstable family situations, but adults as well. Women, in particular are made miserable in the new market for relationships made possible by widespread birth control and abortion; they feel they must submit to sex as the price for a relationship.”*

*Exact words of Prof. Helen Alvare in a two page Q. & A. interview with Alton J. Pelowski in the monthly K. of C. Columbia, January 2012 titled, “IN DEFENSE OF LIFE, LOVE AND FREEDOM.”

George H. Kubeck

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